Oil Services

Oil Services

Setana is a major investor in Delta Environmental Logistics Limited.

Delta’s environmental logistics and integrated waste management services provide for the growing demands from the oil and gas industry for more sophisticated waste management services methods.

Designed to comply with the increasingly stringent government regulations on HSE matters, we have considerable experience in the provision of cuttings handling, treatment and disposal services. This starts with the provision of certified and colour-coded cuttings containers (skips) for the handling and transportation of contaminated drill cuttings to the company waste management thermal treatment facility at the FLT Onne. We also have the equipment necessary in Nigeria to support the provision of treatment and disposal services for the onshore drilling campaign and also have a team of trained, dedicated and highly experienced Nigerian staff.

In addition to the core business of oil base mud drill cuttings treatment and disposal services, we can also treat and dispose of other waste streams. We offer a wide range of offshore and onshore support services such as environmental/waste management consultancy, laboratory analysis, transportation of solid, liquid and hazardous waste, remediation and clean up services.

All of our activities are in full compliance with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv) regulations and the disposal options are authorized by the DPR.

Our waste management services to support the oil exploration and producing companies’ environmental programs are completely bespoke. We provide a complete integrated waste management service starting with the transport of the waste products in certified specially designed leak proof skips from the site of generation to treatment with low temperature desorption units and ultimately safe disposal of the waste within the oil and gas free zone. All operations are controlled by a comprehensive management system compliant with ISO 14001. A complete audit trail is always maintained enabling proper tracking of the waste from collection to disposal.

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